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  • Do your trellises rust?
    All of our trellises are made of aluminum, which is a non-rusting metal. Additionally, unless "mill finish" (meaning unfinished or not powder coated) is selected, our trellises are powder coated to further protect them from the elements. Although aluminum does NOT rust, it can oxidize if left unprotected. Aluminum oxide is different than iron oxide (rust). It is actually hard, and does not flake, serving as a protective coating for the aluminum. So, even if an aluminum trellis' powder coating became chipped over years of use, the metal would not break down in the same way that steel would. Aluminum oxide is not red in color, it just gives the bare metal a hazy appearance, but again, this is not truly an issue for items that are powder coated. We do offer steel trellises which will rust over time. This is specifically indicated on these items, and they are currently not available on this site, but can be requested.
  • What type of finish is on the trellises?
    Unless "mill finish" (which is unfinished, bare metal) is selected, all of our trellises are powder coated. All of our powder coated finishes have high UV and salt spray ratings, and have been rigorously tested for durability in harsh climates. Testing includes: humidity resistance, corrosion resistance, and outdoor resistance. All of our products resist blistering, loss of adhesion, chalking, loss of gloss and loss of color or fading. We are commonly asked if they will hold up in climates such as hot and humid Florida, dry and hot Arizona, and/or the harsh winters of northern states. The answer is YES to all. These coatings are extremely durable and will hold up for many years in a variety of climates. For more information about aluminum, see the previous question.
  • How heavy are the trellises?
    Since we fabricate our trellises from aluminum, they are far more lightweight than steel. To give you an idea on the weight, a standard 65" x 27" trellis weighs about 8lbs. This is about half the weight of a steel trellis of the same size, which makes them perfect for wall mounting. Don't be fooled by aluminum's lighter weight. All of our trellises are extremely strong and durable and can support almost any vining plants. We offer both wall mounted and staked versions of all of our trellises. Longer (12") stakes are recommended for supporting the larger trellises, if they will be free-standing and not against a wall or fence.
  • Should I choose Wall Mounts, Stakes, or Stakes + 2 Upper Support Wall Mounts?"
    INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION IS INCLUDED WITH EACH TRELLIS, INCLUDING ILLUSTRATIONS TO HELP YOU, SO DON'T WORRY IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER EVERYTHING HERE. :) Wall Mounts: When the wall mount option is selected, 4 wall brackets will be included with each trellis. We recommened 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom of each trellis, however, if your wall surface does not allow for this, you can also use the wall mounts on the sides. The trellis will not be pre-drilled to attach the wall mounts. This is to allow you the flexibility of attaching it at any point which offers the best and most support, depending on your wall surface. Self drilling screws are included to attach each wall mount to the trellis. Screws for attaching the wall mounts to the wall or fence are NOT INCLUDED. This is due to the vast variety of wall surfaces which include: many varities of wood, stucco, block, brick, etc. If you need help selecting screws for your wall surface, let us know. Standard Wall Mounts have a 2.5" offset from the wall, meaning that the back of the trellis is 2.5" from the wall surface. The trellis is 1" thick, so the face of the trellis to the wall will be 3.5". Wall mount installation will normally require a hand drill. Stakes: We offer 2 standard lengths of stakes: 12" and 8". If your ground surface is extremely hard, you may wish to choose 8" stakes. If you have softer ground, or if you are selecting a larger trellis, it may be best to select 12" stakes. The stakes will not be attached when the trellis arrives. Attaching them is easy, and only requires 2 screws per stake (included), a screwdriver or hand drill. Stakes + 2 Upper Support Wall Mounts: If you are installing your trellis against a wall or fence, you may decide to choose stakes + wall mounts. This is a great option, since the trellis will be supported with the stakes, as well as the wall mounts. Keep in mind that our standard wall mounts provide a 2.5" offset from the wall, so make sure this will work with your installation. (2.5" from the back of the trellis to the wall)
  • Do the trellises require assembly?
    Some do and some do not. The larger trellises ("The Big Ones") do require assembly. Each trellis comes in 2 equal size panels which assembly easily with 4 screws (included) on each side. Yes, they are extremely sturdy once assembled. The smaller size trellises do not require assembly, aside from the attachment of the stakes or wall mounts. Assembly for the larger trellises will require a phillips head screw driver or hand drill. All assembly hardware is included.
  • Why are the larger trellises made in 2 panels that require assembly?
    We designed the "assembly required" 2 panel larger trellises to make it possible to offer them at a reasonable cost. Both FedEx and UPS Ground shipping have limits on package size before they are categorized as "oversized" packages. Once a package is over this size limit, the cost can increase by as much as $200 per trellis to ship. Some sizes would even require freight shipping, which is even more expensive ($400+ additional). This is actually one of the main reasons why many items you buy for your home or garden arrive with "assembly required". If you are interested in purchasing a larger trellis in a 1 panel, no assembly required option, just let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.
  • Are there larger or different sizes available?
    Yes, we are happy to make larger sizes and custom sizes. Most larger sizes will require multiple panels (more than 2), but will assemble and have the final look the same as our standard sizes. Just let us know what size you are interested in and we are happy to provide an estimate and additional information.
  • Are your trellises made in the U.S.?
    Yes, every product we sell is individually handcrafted in our workshop, located in Sarasota, FL. We are not always the fastest :), but we take great pride in our work and never choose speed over quality. We are a small, family owned and operated business. We handle all customer service, fabrication (including welding and powder coating, etc) of each product and all of the components, packing and shipping, in-house. We do not "farm out" any of our processes, so we know our products from start to finish, and we are happy to customize any product if it is possible.
  • If my trellis is shipping from your workshop in Florida, why do I have to wait?"
    We handcraft every trellis we sell, and because we sell such great, quality products, we're always pretty busy. Therefore, most of our items are made to order. We do not sell mass produced items. We offer ONLY individually handcrafted products, made with pride, right here in our workshop in Sarasota, Florida USA. Production Times: Due to the many variations of our products, it is not possible for us to stock all items. Most are made to order. Our current estimated production time for standard size items is 6-8 weeks. Production time may vary for custom items. Most items will ship via FedEx Ground. Smaller items will ship via USPS Priority.
  • Do you accept returns and exchanges?
    Your 100% Satisfaction is our Goal! We gladly accept returns and will offer exchanges on standard size items. We do not accept returns or exchanges on custom orders. Returns and exchanges are allowed and will be processed when product is returned in new condition, at buyer's expense. If an item must be returned or exchanged due to damage, is not as described, or for other reasons that are the result of either PTHudson's error or an error of the shipping company, return shipping will be fully paid. All requests for returns must be made within 14 days of receipt of items. We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you have any concerns or questions after receiving your item, please contact us. We understand that certain situations may dictate a need for flexibility to this policy.
  • What about cancellations?
    We do accept cancellations. Full refunds will be given for orders cancelled within 5 days of the order being placed. Orders may be changed, or credit given towards the purchase of another item at any time prior to the production of the order. Credits for orders cancelled after the cancellation time will not expire and may be used at any time, for any product.
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