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Up To 9ft, Multiple Sizes Available

    These are the Big Ones! Made for big gardens, big yards, and big beautiful vines! Many large sizes are available in this Simple, Clean Design. Sturdy Built, Classic Wall Mounted or Staked Garden Trellis. This rectangular or square metal trellis is the perfect gift for the avid gardener! Wouldn't you love to have your gorgeous vines of Jasmine, Clematis, or Bougainvillea climbing up this lovely Trellis? 

    Wall mounted trellises can be installed vertically or horizontally. Each side is the same. Wall Brackets can be placed at any location for wall or fence hanging

    OR you can choose stakes and stake your trellis in the ground.

    If choosing stakes, be sure to choose the correct orientation - horizontal or vertical.

    All handmade, all aluminum. Will never rust.  Made from 1" and 1/2" square aluminum tubing.  All welded construction.  Finishes are Powder Coated, for years of maintenance free beauty. 

    Built in 2 equal length panels which assemble easily with 4 screws on each side. Each Trellis comes with 4 Wall Mounts, 8" or 12" Stakes, or stakes plus 2 wall mounts for extra wall support.

    Standard Wall Brackets have a 2.5" offset from the back of the trellis to the wall.

    Sizes Available:*

    Sizes Are Available in both Horizontal or Vertical Orientations.
    9' x 3' (108" x 36") $405-$435
    8' x 3' (96" x 36")  $378-$408
    7' x 3' (84" x 36") $349-$379
    6' x 3' (72" x 36") $325-$355 
    5' x 3' (60" x 36") $295-$325

    4' x 4' (48" x 48") $295-$325
    5' x 4' (60" x 48") $325-$355
    5' x 5' (60" x 60") $349-$379
    6' x 4' (72" x 48") $349-$379
    + Additional sizes
    *Contact us for larger or custom sizes.


    Offered in a variety of colors: Bronze, Black, White, Hunter Green, Copper Vein, Hammered Pewter, Silver Vein, Mill Finish (no finish, bare aluminum, silver tone), Patina Copper Color. Other colors on request. 

    The stakes that are pushed into the ground come in two sizes for different hardness of ground. For example, if your ground is extremely hard, 8" stakes should offer enough support, and may be best due to the difficulty of getting stakes further into the ground. Softer ground or larger trellises might require the longer 12" stakes.  

    Tools needed for assembly:

    A phillips head screwdriver or hand drill is required to attach the stakes to the Trellis and to assemble the trellis. For wall mounted trellises, a hand drill is needed for attaching the wall mounts to the trellis and to attach the wall mounts to the wall surface. In some cases, a hammer drill may be needed. Such instances may be for brick or cement walls. Screws to attach trellis to wall are not included due to the wide variation in wall surfaces. Screws for attaching trellis to wall mounts are included. All other assembly hardware and screws are included.


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